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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sew Your Pattern Stash ~ Sisboom Jamie Dress

Sew Your (Pattern) Stash 2015
March's theme for Sew Your Pattern Stash has been Dresses and Skirts.  I was hoping to make a Sisboom Angie, Sisboom Jamie and Ellie Inspired Spring Lily, but work and illness have kept me away from the sewing machine.  I was able to make a Jamie dress this week and am very happy with the result.
This Jamie took about 6 hours from cutting to sewing.  It was a simple dress and would be suitable for a beginner with some experience.  It does have a size zipper and fully lined bodice.  The lining is treated as one piece with the outer fabric during construction, so it does not really add to the complexity of the project.  This makes the inner dress not as neat as more traditional construction but much faster to sew. 
I chose a knee length skirt and added a lining layer since my gingham was very thin.  I'd love to try a circle skirt next time to decrease the bulk at my waistline.  I love the vintage-vibe of the gingham print, close-fitting bodice and full skirt.  I'm looking forward to more Jamies in my wardrobe!

My girls have fun designing on the extra dress form a friend gave me.  Check out their latest design!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Self-care sewing

Things have been quiet on the blog!  I have made some time for selfish ( self-care) sewing in the past month.  I am also continuing to work on the Wardrobe Architect from the Colleterie.

My first sew was the Jocole Skinnies Pants.  I've had this pattern but have been afraid to try skinnies because of my size.  I used my hip measurement and the fit was good. I need to raise the outer hip curve next time but otherwise, fit was spot on.  I used stretch denim from the Fashion Fabrics Club and a lycra blend for the waist. I actually feel good wearing them!

I have also been sewing a pajama set that is still in testing. The first pair was with stretch lace and Terry cloth - so comfy! There were some adjustments before making the striped knit pair. This will also have a matching kids pattern. Look for it to be released next week from 5 out of 4 patterns.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dr. Seuss Hat Tutorial ~ Cat in the Hat

One of my most popular posts has been the Dr. Seuss Hat Tutorial.  This was a hat I made to wear at my kids school on Read Across America Day back in March 2010.  I updated the document links for the pattern pieces.  This hat sews up in about an hour, so grab that felt, fabric and sew one for your little reader. 
My kids are excited for Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America Day, March 2.  Their school is providing green eggs & ham for breakfast and inviting families to come participate in reading programs that day.  They have been encouraged to dress like their favorite Dr. Seuss character, so Drew decided he wanted a Cat in the Hat striped hat.  Here's the picture I used for my replica:

Mama Lusco's Dr. Seuss Hat Tutorial/Pattern
fits most elementary age - small adult heads
1/2 yd red felt
1/2 yd white felt
1/2 yd  lining fabric ( I used part of a pillowcase)
Sewing notions inclucing: Sewing machine, Thread (red recommended), Scissors, Pins, Rotary cutter & mat (recommended)
Pattern pieces for hat top and hat brim:
Dr. Seuss Hat Top
Dr. Seuss Hat Brim
Please add 1/4" seam allowance around pattern pieces

1.  Cut pieces for hat body:  Cut 3 - 3"w x 22"l from Red Felt
                                           Cut 2 - 3"w x 22"l from White Felt
     (Cut lining fabric after above pieces sewn together to form hat body)

2. Starting with a strip of red felt, sew with right sides together alternating between red & white strips.

3.  Place hat body onto lining fabric as a template and cut out lining.  Baste around all edges, connecting hat body to hat liner.  With right sides of hat together, sew up side seam.  You now have a tube shape for the completed hat body.

4.  Using Hat Top  pattern piece, cut 1 Red Felt and 1 lining fabric.  Baste around edge.

5.  Turn hat body with liner out and pin to hat top with liner up.  Sew around, connecting hat top to hat body.

6.  Cut out Hat Brim pieces: 2 - White Felt.  (see picture above in step 4)
    ( I did not have enough white felt, so I cut 1 piece red and 1 piece white)
    Place right sides together and sew around outside edge.  Turn right-side-out and baste around inside edge.

7.  With hat and brim right-side-together, pin brim to hat and sew around.  

8.  (Optional) Trim seams down to about 1/8" and overcast or serge.

Put on your hat and grab a good book!

Please forgive any errors or omissions in this tutorial.  Email me with questions or suggestions.  Pattern is for personal use only.

Get your craft on Thurs.





Friday, January 9, 2015

Wardrobe Architect 2015- January

Have you heard about the Wardrobe Architect hosted by the Coletterie?  It's a guided program to help define your personal style and develop a hand-made wardrobe that you will love wearing.  They give monthly projects to help organize and put together your wardrobe. Not everything needs to be new or handmade.  Check out January's project list here.

I like the idea of organizing my wardrobe.  I have many pieces that I've made during pattern testing or because the pattern looked great in the listing, only to have them sit in my closet because they don't fit my lifestyle or personal style.  The same goes for my girls closet...I think this challenge would be great for me children's wardrobes, too!

I've recently cut back my hours at work to allow more time at home and sewing!  My goal is to be more intentional in my sewing this year and share more projects here on the blog.  Hope you follow along and consider joining in!

Monday, December 8, 2014

SMS Giveaway Day~ One Yard Little Wonders

It's giveaway week!  I have enjoyed SMS Giveaway days for several years and am happy to share a special prize with you.  This year, I was a contributor to the newest Little One Yard Wonders book.  Storey Publishing is offering a copy of the Little One Yard Wonders book to a US reader!

I contributed the Easy Dolman Top or Tunic.  This is an easy top for sizes 4-12 using only 1 yard of fabric.  It was based on a tutorial I had previously published here to draft your own easy dolman top. Feedback has been great for the pattern and book.
Check out the LOYW book for 101 sewing patterns for babies and kids.  Even if you don't have young kids, the book has great patterns for gifts and showers.  

To enter this giveaway, please use the Rafflecopter widget and leave a comment with your email address below.  If you have time, I always appreciate links to favorite tutorials.  US residents, only, please.  Winner will be randomly chosen 12/12/14 at 5 pm PST.  Find all the Giveaway Day posts at Sew, Mama, Sew.  Thanks to Storey Publishing for providing a copy for my readers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lorelei Women's Dress Blog Tour

I am excited to be a part of the E-beth Designs blog tour for the new Lorelei Women's Dress!  I have made 3 Lorelei's so far, 2 in testing and another just because I love the pattern.  Let's get up-close and personal about the Lorelei...

This is an elegant, versatile pattern with a huge range of size options.  I love that it looks as good on a size 20 as it does on 00.  Did you see that Fenna even made one that fits at 9 months pregnant?!  Bodice pieces are customized to each size and cup size A-DD. It's refreshing to have a pattern this well-fitted just as it's written.  Another special bonus is the "layer" printing option. You can select which size to print = no confusion of which line to cut, or select which 2 sizes you need for easy grading between body sizes. 

I learned a few things while testing and sewing the Lorelei dress. Lesson  #1 - Make a muslin.  I was between 18 and 20, so the first muslin was a size 20DD.  This picture shows I needed to lower the bust apex dart, move it in and narrow the bodice.  Elizabeth suggested sewing down a size and this fixed all the problems!  The next 18DD fit great.  To make a muslin bodice, no facings, linings or zipper are needed.  I even chopped off the skirt at 12" to make my Lorelei a peplum top - another great way to save fabric!  Simply sew and pin where the zipper would be and make any adjustments from there.  This muslin fabric was a $1 thrifted bedsheet. I ended up finishing it into a "wearable" muslin and even paired it with a Jocole pencil skirt for my Easter outfit. 

Once you have a good-fitting muslin, there is no need to worry while cutting into your fashion fabric.  For my second Lorelei, I used mini-gingham shirting and black broadcloth from my stash.  (Did I mention that I live 2 1/2 hours from a Wal-Mart or fabric store?!)  I cut the upper 3" off the skirt to make a faux-belt in black fabric, then re-attached it to the main skirt gingham fabric.  I also hemmed it shorter, to fall at the knee.  Lesson #2 - Learning to use my blind-hem stitch.  I've avoided this one out of fear, but with a little practice, it turned out nicely.  I found that a longer stitch length helped smooth out the stitch on my machine.  Don't fear, just practice before sewing on your dress.

The dress is fully-lined and has an attached pettiskirt, so it's got a vintage feel.  I may use less tulle next time so I'm not quite such a wide-load, but I love the feminine feel of a full skirt!

Lesson #3- Learning to use a narrow-hem foot.  I wanted another peplum top for the blog tour, so I made a dressy little top from some semi-sheer poly from my stash.  I've found it helpful to slow down when sewing slippery fabrics and my machine has Turtle-speed which works great.  Also be sure to use a fine needle when sewing light-weight fashion fabrics.  Lorelei #3 came together in about 4 hours.  Next time, I'll cut my peplum skirt lining 2" shorter than my main skirting - my lining is peeking out in a few photos.  I wasn't following the tutorial on this one and inserted the zipper below the yoke, so I added a hook closure at the top.  The narrow-hem foot was a God-send for this fabric!  It curls your fabric into a narrow hem - no ironing or pinning!  I wish I had tried it sooner.  My newer Janome didn't come with this attachment, but a generic vintage low-shank attachment worked just fine.

Do you have any sewing tips or tricks that you wish you had tried sooner?  If so, I'd love to hear them! 

Thanks for joining me on the Lorelei blog tour.  Please visit the other blogs & shops participating.  I'd love to have you join my Mama Lusco Handmade FB page or follow the free tutorials I post over on the Mama Lusco Pinterest page.   

June 2nd: Fabulous Home-Sewn & Friends Stitched Together
June 3rd: Lulu & Celeste & Mimi’s Mom
June 4th: Sew Starly & Mama Lusco
June 5th: PiePie Designs, Two Novembers, & Friends Stitched Together
June 6th: Crafty Biggers, Lady and The Gents, & Growing Family

Elizabeth is doing a discount of $3.00 off the Lorelei Women’s Dress Pattern in her Pattern Shop using coupon code: blogtour.  You can enter to win a free copy of the Lorelei Women’s Dress Pattern below (if you purchase first then win, Elizabeth will refund your money). There will be 3 winners!
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